migration of the soul

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Gera Clark - Migration of the Sould
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What people are saying about Gera’s new CD, Migration of the Soul, A Meditative Journey

New Age Retailer, Nov/Dec 2011 issue


Migration of the Soul: A Meditative Journey

Gera’s Migration of the Soul: A Meditative Journey showcases a variety of Native American flutes, including the seldom heard bass and contra-bass flutes. The expressive deep tones of these two instruments, as well as Gera’s sensitive, minimalist style of playing, elevate these sparse tone poems (some of which feature nature sounds) to a special, truly meditative place. Gera also plays percussion and is joined by T. M. Dubas on synthesizer and percussion. The overall mood of the album could best be characterized as “ambient Native fusion” owing to the textural application of synths and the sparseness of the flutes themselves.

Bill Binkelman

New Age Retailer

Michael Diamond writes in Awareness Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011 issue:

Gera Migration Of The Soul www.migrationofthesoul.com “The album’s subtitle, “A Meditative Journey,” illuminates the purpose Gera had in mind when she created her new CD,“Migration Of The Soul.” Her primary “voice” is the Native American flute, which blends with percussion and synthesizers by T.M Dubas, and with nature sounds – recorded by Gera herself on her extensive world travels. She has studied the instrument for seven years with some of its preeminent masters, including R. Carlos Nakai. Another famous name associated with this production is multi-Grammy Award winning producer/ engineer, Elliot Scheiner, who has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Sting, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, The Eagles, and many others. Elliot lent his expertise in the producing, recording, and mixing of the album in NYC – however, the music evokes the painted canyons of the Southwest more than the concrete canyons of Manhattan. Each composition is created as an inner journey and the liner notes provide context and description of the song’s inspiration. Reading the notes first helps set the scene for the listener’s sound voyage. The release of this CD is perfectly timed to coincide with the September 2011 World Flutes Festival in Argentina where Gera has been chosen to represent the United States as a performer and lecturer at this auspicious event. In addition to being a musician and registered nurse, Gera is a true renaissance woman with experience as a yoga enthusiast, energy worker, and professional masseuse. So, of course, it is not surprising that this music makes a nice background for these activities.”

New Mexico artist Veronica Piastuch writes .


CarolMarie Fiorito, Founder of the St Georges Healing Arts Center in Staten Island NY

CarolMarie wrote of Migration of the Soul: "Gera I listen to your cd every time I'm in the car- whether it's a long journey or going down the block. I'm just in love with it : )" Thank you for making my car rides so peaceful xox"

Paola Suarez writes: This is my dear Yoga buddy Gera’s beautiful meditation cd, Migration of the Soul. Definitely check it out! I went to her opening CD party at Everything Goes Book Cafe & Neighborhood Stage and it was amazing. She's truly blessed and connected to Spirit! :)

Joe Magdalena, pianist, singer, and arranger writes: “She does play beautifully!!! Hope this goes somewhere----Just lovely!